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. the chinese new year parade is just minutes away. we'll show you all the excitement. >> stewart 33, and contact! >> a fiery crash injures dozens of nascar fans at daytona. what went wrong. >> also, rapper mc hammer takes to twitter to talk about his arrest this week in the east bay. . good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. the year of the snake is kicking off in grand style in
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san francisco. happening now, hundreds of thousands of people are gathered in the city to watch the largest chinese new year event outside of asia. ktvu's jay hernandez is live on the parade crowd with details and what to expect, just minutes from now. >> reporter: ken, the excitement has been building for hours. these parade goers have been out here since 3:00. we're going to pan a little bit towards 2nd and market, the start of the parade. you can see the police lined up and even the start of the parade. this event starts the beginning of the lunar new year. the dragon came out early. this one in particular takes more than 30 people to operate. >> we'll have the dragon, snake, as well as the drummer. >> reporter: they have been practicing all year, organizing moves for the dragon and the snake, will will ease through the parade route. there are participants are all over, including more than 40 students from the mandarin
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emersion program. they are prepping for their walk in the parade. >> it's so important for the children to understand the culture and the history of the language that they are learning. for them to be able to participate in this activity, it's such a great experience for them. >> reporter: live at 2nd and market, you can see there are parade goers on the corner curbs right here and they have been waiting, some for hours. you can see this is the start of the parade. everyone's getting ready. they are in their spots. you can see the floats lined up all the way to, looks like the ferry building, but that's an elusion out here. so much going on. we hope to actually, our next assignment, chase down a float and those who get to ride on one, those lucky enough, we'll try to have that for you in about 30 minutes. reporting live in san francisco, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2news. >> if you can't make it to tonight's parade, you can still celebrate the year of the snake, right here on channel 2.
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we'll be airing it live, right after this newscast. we're also streaming it live on and mobile ktvu. of course one thing we always watch when the parade happens is the weather. let's check in now with meteorologist mark tamayo. looks like it's going to be nice out there tonight. >> yeah, lucking out this year. probably three weeks ago, started to get the initial requests for the forecast for this event. we always have to say there's always a slight chance this time of year, but tonight, we're looking good. clear skies, storm clouds, few sprinkles early this morning. live camera looking out towards san francisco and the parade, and probably the only deal this evening, we do have a bit of a breeze out there. winds around 10 to 15 miles an hour, also kind of cool with temperatures dropping back down into the lower 50s. right now on live storm tracker 2, you see the loop over the past few hours with the clear skies up above. i was talking about the winds. here's a look at some of the current wind observations. these are sustained reports from around 10 all the way to 22 miles an hour out toward sfo and san jose, on the northwest. last check reporting 15 miles
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an hour. right now at the parade, currently 53 degrees. winds out of the west-northwest gusting to 15 miles an hour. so a bit of a breeze. over the next few hours, as you would expect, temperatures will be dropping off. here is the forecast, with clear skies and breezy conditions. temperatures at 6:00, right around 50 degrees, dropping back down into the upper 40s. 47 to 48 degrees, but no umbrellas needed. we do have a dry weather forecast for this evening and also the cool conditions. coming up for tomorrow, we have changes to talk about with a temperature bump. more coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you, mark. well, a fiery crash at the daytona speedway this afternoon sent debris flying into the grand stands, injuring more than two dozen fans. >> stewart 33, and contact! smith turned around! >> it happened in the last lap of the nationwide series race. take a look. that's a second tier race ahead of the daytona 500. 10 race cars were involved. one went airborne, as you just saw, and hit the safety fence.
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this dramatic video was posted on youtube and you can see chunks of metal raining down onto the crowd. and a tire landed right in the stands. officials say 14 people were taken to hospitals. some reportedly suffered serious injuries. >> we were prepared, we responded, we had the appropriate personnel in place. we were able to transport the individuals that needed the care off property. we dealt with the other patients on property. >> race officials say 14 more fans got treatment at the racetrack. we will have much more on this crash and the impact on tomorrow's daytona 500, coming up in our early edition of sports wrap. here at home, police in oakland are looking for four teenagers who they say shot at an ac transit bus this morning. we have exclusive video of the bus. it happened about 12:45 a.m., when four teenagers got off the ac transit bus at 55th avenue and international boulevard. authorities say the teens then opened fire on the bus, shooting out the back window. passengers say the driver first slammed on the brakes, but then
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sped away to try to flee to a safe place. nine people were on the bus, while no one was shot. four passengers say they were hurt from the sudden movements of the bus. they were taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. an unusual traffic tie-up this saturday morning in east palo alto, as big crowds showed up for a gun buyback event. ktvu's allie rasmus joins us now and tells us the event netted a large return of weapons. >> reporter: the grand total was more than 350 weapons recovered today. the police departments of palo alto, east palo alto and menlo park organized this gun buyback and the event was supposed to go on for four hours. but so many people showed up, the money ran out after just 2 hours and 40 minutes. the event was so popular, it created a traffic jam on  university avenue in east palo alto. as early as 10:00 a.m., people lined up to turn in their firearms. >> i don't use guns anyway. just trying to do a good deed. >> reporter: throughout the
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afternoon, officers hauled away arm loads of rifles. someone even inurned a grenade in a plastic bag. but there were no questions asked. gun owners got $100 in cash for every handgun, $200 for rifles, and $300 for each assault weapon. >> gun control advocates want to give me $100 for something that's collecting dust, that's fine with me. >> reporter: a nonprofit group provided the funds. >> protect your children, inc. has been extremely generous, giving us $50,000 today. our main goal is try and create safe communities and take guns away that may end up in the wrong person's hands. >> reporter: people here say they get the point, but wonder how effective a gun buyback program can be. >> i feel it's probably a small margin of people who actually are going to be causing issues with the guns. and if you look back there, i don't think a lot of those people are the people causing trouble. >> reporter: other gun owners said they don't want to take any chances with a weapon in their home. >> what about somebody breaking in my house, taking the gun, using it to kill someone else.
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>> reporter: at the end of the day, organizers showcased these 355 weapons recovered that will now be destroyed. >> people bring in these guns and it will contribute to the reduction of violence. that is our goal. >> reporter: the nonprofit group protect our kids plans to study the results of today's events to find out how effective gun buybacks are and reducing crime. live in the newsroom, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2news. nearby in palo alto, gun control advocates rallied this morning in favor of stricter regulations on firearms. >> no guns in-- >> the raising grannies provided entertainment for the rally at city hall plaza. peninsula congresswoman jackie spear told the crowd today that this is the moment for what she calls sane legislation. spear said an average of 32 americans die each day in gun violence. >> that's the equivalent of a mass killing going on every single day in this country. the gun violence has so taken
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over this country and we don't even comprehend it. >> the congresswoman says she supports renewing the federal ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines, as well as universal background checks. continuing our coverage on that fiery crash on the las vegas strip that left three people dead, including an east bay rapper. tonight, las vegas police are still looking for that black range rover sport. they say someone inside the suv opened fire on a mass ratty, killing the driver, who was identified as oakland rapper kenneth cherry, jr. cherry's car then slammed into a taxi cab, killing a tourist from washington state and the driver. now the driver's brother is speaking out. >> he and his passenger were victims of something senseless. >> so far, there is no word on funeral arrangements for any of the victims. san jose fire officials say
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two men are hospitalized tonight with severe burns after an electrical panel exploded at a warehouse this morning. crews responded to the building on daggot drive near first street about 9:00 this morning. a fire captain says three men were working on the panel when it suddenly exploded. officials say one man is critically burned and another has serious burns on his face and hands. pg&e and cal osha are investigating that incident. we're learning today that east bay pop star mc hammer was arrested in dublin for allegedly resisting an officer. the alameda county sheriff's office told us the rapper was booked and released from jail thursday night. authorities say he was arrested at the hacienda crossings shopping center. today, mc hammer wrote on twitter that an officer, who he says looked like elvis, quote, tapped on his window and asked him if he was on parole or probation. hammer wrote, while i was handing him my id, he reached in my car and tried to pull me out of the car. i was cited for obstruction. he later tweeted, instead of
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being bitter, i'm taking the opportunity to make this a teachable moment and eye-opener for my many friends and colleagues. hammer has more than 3 million twitter followers. a vallejo rapper faces eight years in prison after he was convicted yesterday of human trafficking. the contra costa county district attorney's office says joel williams, j-hype, was found guilty of human trafficking, pimping, pandering, as well as drug charges. williams is the latest artist from his label to get in trouble with the law. 25 people associated with the label have been indicted in federal court as part of a massive drug trafficking case. right now, pg&e crews are conducting a controlled release of natural gas in a daly city neighborhood. this routine release is going on in the city of geneva avenue and sherwin street. it shorted about noon today and is scheduled to be over by 7:00 tonight. crews say they are using a common and safe technique for
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this release. >> i'm worried about both of them. an east bay couple on a trip to peru is now missing. where they were last seen and the travel warning that has family and friends on edge. >> also, a scandal at the vatican, just days before the pope steps down. what the church is saying about rumors of what led to his resignation. >> and manti te'o is back in the spotlight. how he says he's moving forward after that online hoax involving an imaginary girlfriend.
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. happening now, san francisco's chinese new year parade, about to get under way. you are looking now at a live picture of the parade route there at union square. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to flood into san francisco for this big parade. and you can watch it live on channel 2, right here after the newscast, coming up at 6:00. the news state department is joining the search to try to find a bay area couple who disappeared in peru while on a
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biking expedition. noelle walker is live in the newsroom with how bay area friends are trying to help you the. >> reporter: one of the couples employers tell us they wanted to bike to south america, but were persuaded to fly because it would be safer. now friends and family are worried about the couples safety once again. they are the picture of a happy couple on the adventure of a lifetime. the two left the bay area in november for a bike trek through south america, miles away from home, never more than a computer away from family and friends. the couple has chronicled their travels on facebook. but the photos and status updates stopped on january 25th. >> it's upsetting. you know, i'm worried about both of them. >> reporter: jamie is on extended vacation from the
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pedaler store. they customized their bike strips, ever-present in their facebook photos. posts show they traveled to argentina, chile and peru. one of jamie's last updates mentions going to the amazon. we know the couple took a bus from cusco to lima and was last seen january 26th getting into a cab. a check of the u.s. embassy in peru's website shows a security message warning americans of kidnapping threats around cusco. >> what kind of warnings would they see while traveling? they are within the people, not watching the news. >> reporter: the state department put out this poster of the missing couple. >> my greatest hope is they return on schedule, unharmed. >> and the hope is that garrett and jamie are exploring in too remote an area to be able to contact anyone. the bike shop set up a reward fund for the couple's safe return. it's at mechanics bank. so far, they have raised $3000. noelle walker, ktvu channel 2news. a benefit concert is planned for tonight in memory of petaluma college student.
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the concert celebrates the life of 19-year-old alyssa byrne. byrne died from hypothermia in lake tahoe over the new year's holiday when she walked home alone from a concert. organizers of tonight's event will sell wrist bands that say "always buddy," as a way of reminding people to never leave a buddy behind when they go out. oakland police are investigating a shooting that left a man injured this morning. police responded to a report of gunfire near 60th avenue and international boulevard at about 1:00 a.m. the man was taken to a hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. he is listed in stable condition. at this point, there is no information on a suspect. continuing our coverage of the pope's resignation, less than a week before pope benedict xvi steps down, the italian media is publishing controversial reports about new secrets within the church. as molly line reports, today, the vatican blasted back at the reports. >> reporter: pope benedict xvi, praying with cardinals on the
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last day of lenten religious services. but outside the spiritual haven, a storm is brewing. the vatican is lashing out at the italian media for a string of what they call, quote, defamatory falsified reports. >> it is deplorable that as we draw closer to the time of the beginning of the conclave and the cardinal electors will be held in conscience and before god to freely indicate their choice, that there be a widespread distribution of often unverified, unverifiable, or completely false news stories. >> reporter: italian newspapers in recent days have suggested a secret dossier prepared by the pope, alleging a series of scandals involving sex, money and power, even suggesting a, quote, shadowy gay lobby in the vatican. there's speculation in the italian media the content of the dossier is what caused pope benedict to resign. >> this is not about suing and legal action right now.
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it's a call to truthfulness and authenticity of the journalists and profession, which is very important. >> reporter: the pope has said he doesn't have, quote, the strength of mind and body to continue his role. but the next prophet will still have to navigate a minefield of controversy, including sex abuse within the church allegedly covered up. >> i would say you can't evangelize if the house isn't in order. >> reporter: the three card naturals who investigated the leaked documents are expected to meet with pope benedict on monday. meanwhile, the pontiff will hold his final sunday blessing tomorrow. in new york, molly line, fox news. meanwhile, retired los angeles cardinal roger mahoney was questioned for four hours today about his handling of clergy sex abuse cases. priests are accused of molesting at least 26 children. the deposition is the first since the release of 12,000 pages of internal church records about the abuse. recently, mahoney's successor publicly rebuked the cardinal
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for mishandling the decades-old sex abuse cases. a member of the 49ers practice squad was arrested this week on suspicion of dui. the highway patrol arrested offensive lineman al netter on wednesday in san jose. netter, a native of roader park, has not commented. the 49ers issued a statement, saying in part, quote, we will continue to gather the facts and monitor the developments closely. in south africa, olympic athlete oscar pistorious is with his family tonight, after he posted $113,000 bail and was released from jail. also today, a pistorious family spokesman says a hacker falsely posted on the twitter account of pistorious' older brother that the olympian was going to do media interviews. all of the stories his three siblings have canceled their social media accounts. pistorious is charged with murder in the death of his girlfriend, model reeva steinkamp. manti te'o answered more questions about the online hoax
5:23 pm
involving an imaginary girlfriend at today's nfl scouting combine and he says he's ready to move forward. >> i'm looking to getting ready, getting straight to football. i understand people have questions, but i think i have answered everything i could and for me, i would really like to talk about football. >> the hoax became national news because te'o's alleged girlfriend supposedly died midseason, inspiring the notre dame linebacker to play in her honor. the story was part of his heisman bid. te'o says every nfl team has asked him about it. saving lives overseas. an update on a national guard crew that left from moffett field on a mission in afghanistan. [ gunfire ] >> in news of the world, a fireworks warehouse fire. where it all started. >> and the northeast prepares for yet another blizzard. precautions being taken to
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prevent more damage.
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. we have an update on the california air national guard's 129th rescue wing mission in afghanistan. here's video of the guard members deploying from moffett field last month. since that time, the team has conducted 13 rescue missions and saved the lives of 10 people. that includes afghan national security force members and civilians. the national guard says it's also assisted in missions that saved nine other people.
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iranian scientists have discovered large deposits of uranium that could triple the size of that country's supply. the discovery is big news for the country and its nuclear program, since u.n. sanctions banned iran from importing uranium. this is video from the undisclosed location where the deposits have been located. this week, iranian officials are scheduled to meet with foreign diplomats, including representatives from the u.s. about its nuclear program. in other news of the world tonight, in australia, heavy flooding has killed two people and forced thousands of people from their homes. this flooding in northern new south wales follows a day of torrential rain. one man's body was found in a submerged car. and a teenager died when he was swept into a storm water drain. another teen had to be rescued after he was sucked into a large drain pipe as well. around 19,000 people have been evacuated and tens of thousands right now are without power. [ explosions ] take a look at this blaze
5:28 pm
in a fireworks warehouse in china. firefighters say the fire actually started in a candle company on the third floor of the building and that it spread down to the ground floor where all the fireworks were stored. firefighters say it took about four hours to put out the flames, but no one was hurt. and in russia, famous french actor girard depardieu took part in a ceremony where his passport was stamped with his new russian address. vladimir putin granted depardieu depardieu -- a terrible tragedy. isabelle perez was shot in the head by her mother, who shot and killed her two other children in denver earlier this month. isabelle survived the shooting, but was in a coma for more than a week. today, the toddler is opening her ice, breathing on her own,
5:29 pm
even talking a little. doctors shared a letter written by family members. >> isabelle is a miracle. she is a testament of strength and the resiliency our children can show during adversity and tragedy. >> the family added that it is grateful for the prayers and support it's received from around the world. our coverage continues on the chinese new year parade in san francisco. we'll take you back out live to union square, where the festivities have just begun. >> and just two weeks after a major snowstorm, the northeast is bracing for yet another. the precautions being taken by residents and officials. >> also, some san francisco middle schoolers show off their skills in science. the big winners of this year's science fair. >> and remember the new ktvu ipad app is ready for you to download. you can watch all of our newscasts live, plus get drive time traffic, bay area weather, and video of breaking news any time, anywhere. ;
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. happening now, this year's chinese new year parade, a live look from our cameras set up at union square. 100 parade floats, drum teams, school groups and others are all participating in this big event. organizers say hundreds of thousands of people, we see a lot of them there, are expected at this parade. the event marks the start of the lunar calendar and celebrates the year of the snake. jade hernandez continues team coverage now, live along the parade route, where the celebrated cultural tradition is about to get under way.
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jade? >> reporter: heather, this is the best part of my job. i get to give you a unique perspective that ktvu can only give you. we are live at market and 2nd, just inches from where this parade starts. you can see congresswoman jackie speir waving to the crowd. so many people have lined up here, hours to get the best seat along market so they could see the more than 100 participants here. in fact, there are parade goers from all over, that have visited here. if you keep in mind, there's drum teams, school groups, and numerous floats for the year of the snake. this is a very popular parade. some might say it's a top 10 parade. we'll go along the crowd and show you george jamison. george jamison came all the way from new york. tell me, what's the best part of this parade? >> you're, you're a beautiful woman. >> reporter: lovely, but there's more to it than that. >> just getting started.
5:34 pm
starting to unfold. it's great to be here in san francisco. >> reporter: wonderful. thank you so much. and manita is from the philippines. what's the best part so far? >> everything. the children, the fire department. >> reporter: fantastic. thank you so much. this is just part of the action here. now, in this year of the snake, those born in this year, said to be intelligent and quick. [ fireworks ] >> reporter: and i have to pause for all of the excitement here. now, this parade started about 10 minutes ago. it begins right here at 2nd and market and will make its way through union square, now some of the highlights, miss chinatown usa, a 258-foot dragon that will make its way through the parade route. so much more. ktvu will have the parade in all of its glory at 6:00 live
5:35 pm
for viewers. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2news. >> and once again, you can watch tonight's chinese new year parade live, right here on ktvu channel 2, coming up right after this newscast. you can also share your pictures with us during the parade on twitter. just use the hashtag #ktvucnyp. an investigation is under way in bay point after someone opened fire this morning near a mcdonald's. it happened about 11:50 a.m. near the intersection of mimms avenue and canal road. the contra costa sheriff's office says the man was shot in the leg. his injuries are not life threatening. so far there, have been no arrests. police say a man fought off a would-be armed robber on a palo alto street last night. it happened just before 8:30 p.m. not far from a parking garage on webster street near university avenue. the suspect pulled a gun, demanding cash. the two wrestled to the ground. the victim managed to run away,
5:36 pm
unhurt. investigators are trying to determine if this incident is linked to three previous armed robberies in palo alto in the last month. a 24-hour vigil is going on right now in the north bay, in support of drake's bay oyster company workers. people have been gathering since 6:45 last night at the sacred heart church in oh lima. they plan to say there until 6:45 tonight. organizers say they are praying for the 31 employees who could lose their jobs if the company is forced to shut down next month. the closure comes after the department of the interior refused to renew their lease. >> thousands of teachers andette indicators will be laid off and tens of thousands of parents will have to scramble to find child care for kids. air traffic controllers and security will see cutbacks
5:37 pm
across the country. if no deal is reached, the mandatory spending cuts will begin march 1 and the obama administration says up to 70,000 children will lose their access to head start. officials say that they also -- that many people -- many day care centers, rather, may have to close earlier this school year and start later in the fall. republicans are urging president obama to approve construction of a controversial oil pipeline that crosses the border with canada. the keystone xl pipeline would pump oil from canada's tar sands in alberta to the gulf of mexico for refinery. the obama administration rejected a permit for the line because an alternate route through nebraska was undecided. since then, a new route has been approved and republicans want the project to move forward. >> a harris poll released just a week ago showed that nearly
5:38 pm
70% of americans support the keystone xl pipeline project. >> republicans say the project would boost the u.s. economy and help reduce the federal debt. opponents call the pipeline dangerous and say it would cause environmental damage. the northeast once again bracing for another major snowstorm tonight. now, this comes just two weeks after that massive blizzard covered much of new england. officials race to get ahead of this storm. >> reporter: many midwesterners made the best of it, while some were able to enjoy the perks of a snow day, united express captain billy hob played piano for stranded travelers at lambert international airport. even farmers appreciate the snowstorm that left over 14 inches in great bend, kansas. >> it would have been great to have another foot. we need all the moisture we can get. this moisture is wonderful for the wheat. >> reporter: the winter system is causing its share of
5:39 pm
headaches, from icy roads to avalanches on the side of office buildings. it's been two weeks since boston felt the effects of a massive nor'easter. now, city workers are trying to get ahead of the snow forecast for saturday night. one of the priorities, filling in the potholes. >> when the cracks in the surface and the water gets in, snow gets in, then freezes, it erupts and causes holes. we have to keep up with this. >> reporter: there's also more supervision over the private contractors this time around. >> monitor more closely than we did last time. >> reporter: the snowstorm isn't expected to be as strong as the previous blizzard. however, as much as a foot is expected to fall in parts of new england. nasa and johns hopkins university released a new color image of our solar system's hottest planet. here's a look at mercury in color. nasa and johns hopkins universities applied physics department released this false color image of the planet, but this is not what mercury would look like to the naked eye.
5:40 pm
instead, astronomers say it illustrates the many different chemicals and minerals that make up the scorchingly hot planet, which can reach more than 800 degrees fahrenheit. >> such a cool picture. some of the brightest young students of san francisco were chilling out today, as part of the city's 31st annual science fair. >> can you all hear that? >> yeah! >> sounds like it's boiling, yes? >> yes, it did. a demonstration of liquid nitrogen kicked off the program at the san francisco middle school science fair at the randall museum. about 200 students from 30 schools submitted their own experiments. the categories include physics, biology, and behavioral sciences. >> my favorite category is the behavioral sciences, because we have students doing social experiments and experiments on animals, seeing how behavioral science really is a science and they get really creative. >> first, second and third
5:41 pm
place winners go on to the bay area science fair. winners of that fair often go on to the state and national fair. >> good luck! taking a plunge all for a good cause. the event that has some familiar faces swimming in the oh, so chilly waters of san francisco bay. >> plus, there is a bright side to this. it's warming up again here in the bay area. channel 2 meteorologist mark tamayo has tomorrow's temperatures, when we return.
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5:43 pm
. some might call them nuts. we won't, but some might. brave souls took a brisk swim in the san francisco bay this morning. the sixth annual polar plunge raised money for special olympics northern california. this year's event brought in around $350,000 to support
5:44 pm
special olympic athlete training and upcoming games. >> got a thousand people here that are winners to boot. talk about your heart being in the right place. >> john sasaki and meteorologist mark tamayo joined the pack of polar bears who took the plunge. mark says the bay was a refreshing 52 degrees. not cold. it was refreshing. >> yeah, right. >> and he would know. >> i think that's chilly. i'm wondering, mark, did you see the chief? did he take the plunge? >> i think he was. good for him. always a fun event. the weather cooperated just fine. but even if it was 40 degrees outside, you would still be cold with the bay areas. still, always just a perfect condition for today's event. another big event happening in san francisco right now. toward union square, chinese new year parade, no rain clouds this year. temperatures have been dropping off, back down into the lower 50s right now in downtown san francisco. latest right now on the satellite, you can see a few high clouds offshore. so we could have at least partly cloudy conditions over
5:45 pm
the next few hours, between about 6:00 and 10:00 tonight. as far as current temperatures, as i mentioned, they are cooling off. right now, we have 50s out towards santa rosa. 56 san jose. and there's that 53 showing up in downtown san francisco. also, the winds still a bit breezy out there. sustained wind speeds, 14 miles an hour towards santa rosa, half moon bay at 21 miles an hour. and fairfield, north wind at 15, gusting to around 23 miles an hour. tonight, clear and windy. the winds will gradually back ovulate tonight into early tomorrow morning. a cold start for your sunday, but more sunshine into the afternoon hours. and the extended, we're back to a dry weather pattern. we had a few sprinkles very early this morning, but really not a big deal and clouds cleared out rapidly. lower 30s toward santa rosa and napa for low tonight. san jose, upper 30s, at 39. this weather system moving to the east of the bay area produced the clouds, even a few
5:46 pm
sprinkles early this morning. so today, coolest day of the weekend, as the system moves out to the east, high pressure rebuilding. storm track heads up to our north and we have another dry weather streak to talk about tomorrow, right on through the end of the month and into early march. so once again, a very stable dry weather pattern developing over the next few days: forecast model, 10:00 and 11:00, clear skies. temperatures starting off in the morning on the cold side. lots of sunshine for sunday, even into the afternoon hours by 4:00 and 5:00. forecast highs for tomorrow, mainly in the upper 50s to low 60s. tomorrow, these temperatures, about 3 to 6 degrees warmer. san jose, 65. san mateo, forecast high of 60 degrees. here is a look ahead. five-day forecast, with your weekend always in view, temperatures warmer for your sunday. hazy sunshine for monday. just patchy morning fog for tuesday and wednesday. notice by thursday, heather and ken, warmest locations could be
5:47 pm
approaching once again the 70- degree mark. rest of the month will be dry and mild. >> all right. thank you, mark. breaking news right now on the las vegas strip shootout that killed an oakland man, as well as two other people. police now say they have found the black range rover they believe the gunman was driving. it was in las vegas east of the strip. detectives are also looking for 26-year-old ammar harris. they say he is suspected of shooting and killing aspiring rapper ken cherry early thursday. cherry's maserati crashed into a taxi, killing two more people. las vegas police have said the driver of that range rover argued with cherry at a valet stand just before the shooting. coming up, let the bracket- busting begin, as st. mary's faces off against the creighton blue jays. >> and much more from daytona and the horrific crash on the final lap that injured
5:48 pm
spectators. joe fonzi will have much more coming up next in sports wrap.
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. good evening, everyone. welcome to this special early saturday night edition of sports wrap. this is the time of year when college basketball teams need to be playing their best and making a statement about tournament credentials. st. mary's taking on creighton today. ringing the rim once more in the first half. st. mary's by 14 at half time. four starters in double
5:51 pm
figures. paige takes the ball away from gibbs and finds waldo who gets the tough hoop and the foul. waldo had 12. they pad their win total and hope the members of the tournament committee were noticing. st. mary's, 74-66 winner, win over creighton and record now of 24-5 has to look good on st. mary's resume. cal also a team trying to put on a late season surge and prove that it, too, belongs in the middle of march madness. oregon state's version of mr. t in the house on senior day, as the bears tried to make it a weekend sweep of the oregon schools. 2 of 12 from the field, but hitting a long three in the first half. bears led by 9 at the break. beavers wearing blue in this. bears go up by 13.
5:52 pm
beavers close to within three here. cobb makes a beauty of a pass. bears in front by five. still a tight game with 3 minutes left. another three. bears win their fifth straight, hanging on down the stretch 60- 59. bears up their record to 10-5 in conference, all alone in fourth place, 18-9 overall. santa clara and kevin foster with a chance to make a statement today in portland. broncos hit nine three-pointers in the first half. foster hit four of them. he went for 20 points in all. pilot narrowed the margin to 5 points in the second half, but santa clara answers. after that disastrous season last year, they have come back to build a record of 20-9. second ranked miami at wake
5:53 pm
forest. this game all demon deacons from start to finish. after the turnover, cody miller mcintyre feeds moto for two. apparently the more names the better at wake. leading at half time, more deacons in the second half. mcintyre, length of the floor himself. wake forest wins 80-65. miami loses for the fourth time this year, but for the first time in conference play. tomorrow is nascar's biggest race of the year, the daytona 500, which meant today was supposed to be about the preliminary nationwide race and a nice feel-good to take into sunday. didn't turn out that way. tomorrow's history-making poll setter danica patrick had to leave after just 31 of the 120 laps with ignition problems. it was a packed field as they came to the finish line and that's when things got really scary. smith trying to block keselowski. that's when smith goes spinning. the chain reaction breaks out behind him. rookie kyle larson in the white
5:54 pm
car went airborne, into the safety net, ripping a hole in the fence pieces of larson's car going into the crowd. tony stewart was the winner, but this was all about 28 fans injured by the debris from the accident. according to a report from the daytona speedway president tonight, 14 fans were treated for injuries at the track. another 14 were taken to local hospitals. at least two of those fans reported to be injured seriously. the fence is being repaired and tomorrow's race is expected to be run as scheduled. cactus league play under way in arizona. we'll show you how things went today for the giants and a's. and a little different look in the desert for match play golf than earlier in the week. we'll be right back.
5:55 pm
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5:57 pm
. very cold detroit today, very different setting to begin cactus league play in scottsdale against the angels. nice reminder of the past season success all spring. giants struck for a couple of runs in the 1st inning. lot made of pablo's physique again this year, gets a chance to run on this shot down the left field line by williams. giants go on to win 4-1, as reliever godan gets the win. vogelsong started and pitched two shutout innings. the a's got things started in the spring home of the milwaukee brewers, who did everything in day one to make it look like they were at home in midseason. that means sausage races, heading for a photo finish with all five in the running, until chorizo went down. stand by for the finish. 1st inning, milwaukee expects to see plenty of this during the season. ryan braun with a shot to right
5:58 pm
center, first spring at-bat, solo homerun coming off of a's starter jesse chavez. weeks flashing glove work in the 2nd inning. watch this shot, as weeks grabs it off the bat, turns it into a 4-6-3 double play. but back to the important thing, in a photo finish, polish edged out bratwurst at the tape. brewers 2-1 winners. down to the final four in match play championship in the arizona desert. a little different look over the weekend than during the week when they had snow on the course. they were playing to get into the semifinals. polter against stricker. take a look at the path this birdie cut by polter. takes a left turn at route 66 and goes right into the hole. hard to top that, but polter had more magic with his wedge. he would go on to beat stricker
5:59 pm
3-2. he'll face hunter mahan in tomorrow's semifinals. matt kutcher against garrigus, kutcher wins the match 3-2, facing jason day in tomorrow's other semi final match. the sharks tonight trying to get back in the win column at dallas. we'll tell you about it at 10:00, as well as all the rest of the day's sports. see you then. >> thanks, joe. coming up tonight on the 10:00 news-- >> we are taking a live look right now in san francisco, where the chinese new year parade is making its way right now through the city. coming up, more from the parade, which is billed as the largest such parade outside of asia. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> and we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu. stay with us for live coverage of the chinese new year parade in san francisco. we'll bring it all to you live starting at 6:00. >> and no rain! beautiful out there. have a good time and enjoy it.

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